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Are you running a business?

Transformation, globalization, digitization, drastic changes in the market, post-pandemic state of the industry, delivery difficulties, raise in turnover, partial unemployment, employee demands, teleworking...

One challenge comes after another, all of which must be best managed by a company executive. This quickly gives the impression of being overtaken by events.

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Humanys supports you in your choices

Strengthen your foundations: Our approach is focused on your success

The stronger our foundations, the less vulnerable we are to stress in the event of unforeseen adversity. This is about self-management. Become aware of yourself, your goals, your visions, your values and your attitudes. This knowledge forms the basis that will allow you to keep your feet on the ground.

Experience has shown that self-management, self-knowledge and self-efficacy have been the skills most in demand, especially during the Covid crisis. Staying in control in difficult situations preserves the capacity for action and has become a decisive factor in entrepreneurship.

évaluer correctement le potentiel d'un talent, comprendre les valeurs et les stratégies d'une entreprise, guider un·e dirigeant·e vers la prochaine étape de sa carrière : L’approche Humanys commence toujours par une compréhension attentive et sensible de la situation.

Analyse your current situation as a business executive and focus on the actions to be taken. Let's work together to ensure the success of your business!

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You put in place systems, applications, talent promotion programs, you practice mentoring, excellent onboarding, offer remote work, invest large sums in staff development, you strengthen your "Employer Branding" - as one does today - to be an attractive employer.

All of that for what?

Our favourite and most valued co-workers quit anyway. So do the ones who are not as appreciated, but are still performing well. Young talents, from which you used to choose the best for further development, do not even show interest or seem to have disappeared.

This retention management issue puts you in despair. You are dealing with a difficult human resources scenario where experienced employees are about to take a deserved retirement and where, at the other end, a generation Z (born between 1996 and 2010) is at the starting blocks but has no urgency to start at all.

Will it be easier? No, not at all

Are there any solutions? Yes.

You need solutions if you want and need to...

  • reduce your staff turnover rate
  • increase employee engagement
  • improve the “employee experience”
  • make your employee referral programs more effective
  • finally prove your ROI in HR

You want to keep high-performers, high-achievers and talent in your company, keep them excited – and make employee retention a strength rather than a problem. With Humanys you have come to the right place.

Our approach
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Each company manages the attraction and recruitment of its employees differently. However, all organizations have one thing in common during this time:

we all need effective recruiting if we want to achieve long-term positive growth while maintaining a strong corporate culture. To do this, you want to remain flexible and attractive as an employer.

This is why it is necessary to put in place a global personnel marketing strategy in order to manage different hiring aspects and keep control of the key personnel figures in the context of recruitment. Strategic staff management, clear ideas and strategies on how to enthuse, attract and retain staff, a strong public brand image and, at the same time, satisfied and long-established employees - it's the mix that makes the difference.

But it is complex.

If you don't know where to start your recruitment, Humanys can do it for you. Get help from our experts in staff evaluation systems. In a few steps, this process

  • highlights your strengths and potentials
  • establishes a clear relationship among your key figures and
  • provides proven improvement methods.

Imagine being the most attractive employer in your market in the next 1-2 years. Top talent in the market and leaders in the industry aspire to work with you. Humanys helps you overcome major obstacles and achieve this goal.

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Your business faces new challenges in ever-shorter cycles which induces changes in strategy or restructuring. When businesses are restructured, merged or even outsourced, this often leads to redundancies.

Still, as an employer, you know that a company's brand image plays a decisive role in recruitment, especially among younger generations. This brand image is put to the test in situations of redundancies within companies.

Are you allowed to make mistakes in these situations? No.

In the event of an error in the separation process, the value of the company can be enormously affected and lead to high costs, such as industrial tribunal procedures, loss of image, demotivation of the employees who have remained, and much more.

With professional outplacement support proposed by Humanys, the necessary organizational changes are not blocked, and litigation costs can be avoided. The separation process takes place in a fair, consensual and socially conscious manner.

The aim of a professional outplacement is to find a fair and future-oriented solution for both parties - the company and the specialists or managers who are leaving.

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