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About Humanys Solutions

At Humanys Solutions, we are here to support the progress, both on individual and company level.

Our team specializes in solving complex situations in order to pave the way to your new successes. Since 2014, our mission has been to become your trusted partner in human capital management. Wherever you wish to go, Humanys has the expertise to take you there and help you achieve your goals.

Connected, proactive, and accessible – these are more than words at Humanys. These values constitute our promise and pave the way to supporting our customers. Our DNA is built of understanding your professional and personal goals, and knowing how we can support you to achieve them.

Interiman Group

Humanys Solutions is a specialized company of Interiman Group, leading Swiss group offering the widest range of human resources skills. Our companies are active in permanent and temporary recruitment, training, assessment, outplacement, and consulting. Working with Humanys also means benefiting from the numerous advantages provided by a national group's synergies. Thus, we can complement and personalize our services by working in close collaboration with our subsidiaries specialized in the relevant field.

Candidates who have come to see a consultant to maximise their chances of finding a job

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A partner that helps you grow

Maintaining and growing a well-established business is not an easy task, even for those who have enjoyed many years of success. Companies and their executives face daily challenges that impact their profitability. As small and medium-sized businesses grow or change, their needs in terms of human resource management change too.

We are a connected, proactive, and accessible team. Based on continuous labour market surveys, we measure trends and bring real added value in terms of personnel selection, development, and retention of your employees. In more difficult situations, such as lay-offs, we are here to help you find solutions and get you through this turbulent period successfully.

In today's world, the search for talent is a major challenge for organizations. Still, rare are the companies that take the necessary steps to overcome this challenge and recruit successfully. At Humanys, we help you take a proactive approach to attracting top talent. We assess the skills of your candidates, giving you a better understanding of their abilities and points to consider. This assessment makes it possible to reduce risks and make informed decisions during recruitment. Thanks to our innovative tools, we guarantee a better match and a successful hire.

In the same way, the loyalty of employees is of paramount importance for companies. Nearly 80% of turnover problems in business are related to communication and relationships. At Humanys, our certified coaches from various socio-professional backgrounds intervene quickly to solve these problems. They provide on-the-ground knowhow and advice to improve efficiency and retention in the company.

With Humanys, you can take care of your employer brand by evaluating and developing talent, as well as promoting healthy and effective communication. Attract the best talent and retain your employees to achieve long-term success.

The reorganization or restructuring of a company is a transformation operation aimed at adapting the company to economic developments or a new strategy. This approach can lead to various organizational and structural changes, with the aim of putting the company back onto an ambitious trajectory. In times of corporate reorganization that include downsizing, Humanys Solutions provides professional support with a respectful and caring approach.

Our outplacement and professional reorientation programs allow you to support your employees and managers through a period of difficult change. Managing lay-offs well is crucial to ensuring a better future for your company.

The criteria generally analysed during a business-transition project are financial, being assessed by experts and banks. However, it is also important to carefully manage the subjective aspect of a transition project, which involves human considerations. Whether it is a neighbourhood bakery or a high-tech company, a company has values, rituals, and other cultural elements to which customers and suppliers are sensitive and attached.

Thus, the successful transfer of a business depends mainly on staff. The arrival of a new executive always raises legitimate concerns, as it inevitably leads to changes. Acting as an independent expert, Humanys supports you by helping you better understand your company's human reality. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge, we can provide you with a more precise analysis and assessment of potential owners.

Find the clarity, security, and courage to follow your career development

You may be at a point in your career when you are looking for a job or you are not sure whether your current job is still right for you. You don't really feel fulfilled and there may be some aspects of your work that bother you, such as your colleagues, your tasks, or the company you work for. Maybe you're thinking about starting your own business. The paths for professional reorientation are the most diverse; indeed, there is no right or wrong path, only an individual path that has to be found and followed.

With our Humanys-certified coaches and our effective work tools, you can review your thoughts and values in a focused way. This will allow you to have a clear vision of your career path and help you succeed in your next step.

A career change can mean many things: a change of job in a new company, a new position with new tasks, or an entirely new outlook. At Humanys, our team of coaches is there to support you throughout this process with a wide range of methods.

Our advisers act as sparring and brainstorming partners and can help you clarify your ideas by asking appropriate questions in respect to your situation. Together, we can identify your blind spots, your talents, and your goals to better define your new professional path.

There are different life situations that require a person to apply for a job. For young people, in particular, this may seem like an unknown area. However, even people with work experience who last applied for a job some years ago often have many questions about what to do next.

Ultimately, the application process should be as simple as possible. Our Humanys experts support you in all aspects of your application: updating your documents, boosting your online profile, and preparing for the job interview in a practical way.

Do you have a business project and want to make it happen? Do you have an innovative idea, but don't know where to start? Or you have just launched your company, but you are facing difficulties in making it known and ensuring its viability?

Humanys Solutions is here to help you make the right decisions from the start and establish a solid foundation for your business. Our advisers are passionate about entrepreneurship and place their creativity and know-how at the service of project leaders.

Discover our approach

We regularly accompany and support individuals and organizations in various change and development processes.

We believe that an approach focusing on solutions, resources, systems and success is essential. During each coaching session, we work with our clients to develop a clear vision and discover their own resources and potentials, and then use them in a targeted way.

Our coaches play the role of process guides and companions, supporting and advising people in their development, and helping them to gain confidence and inner motivation. They work with the experiences and realities of the clients.

Honesty and openness

We believe in honesty and openness. We approach each situation without prejudice or misrepresentation. We call things by their name and approach every topic openly and directly. We believe that openness and transparency are essential to building a relationship of trust with our clients.

Passion and commitment

We are passionate about the results and success of our clients. Everything we do is based on the highest professionalism and ethical standards.

A practical approach

We combine bold thinking with a hands-on approach that focuses on getting the job done, turning decisions into actions, and delivering results.

Our team

Candidates who have come to see a consultant to maximise their chances of finding a job

We are a united team working together to achieve extraordinary goals. Our consultants are experts in various fields of activity, having worked in different jobs themselves.

Thanks to their experience and knowledge, they are able to quickly understand the stakes of requests and meet the expectations in an efficient way.

  • Stéphane Gigon

    Stéphane Gigon


  • Lionel Talent

    Lionel Talent

    Training & development manager

  • Sébastien Weber

    Sébastien Weber

    Administrative Manager

  • Zohra Karmass

    Zohra Karmass

    HR senior consultant

  • David Allamand

    David Allamand

    HR senior consultant

  • Frédérique Béguin

    Frédérique Béguin

    HR senior consultant

  • Philippe de Dardel

    Philippe de Dardel

    HR senior consultant

  • Françoise-marie Deloche

    Françoise-marie Deloche

    HR senior consultant

  • François Mouchete

    François Mouchet

    HR senior consultant

  • Quitterie Pallain-Dulau

    Quitterie Pallain-Dulau

    HR senior consultant

  • Edouard Comment

    Edouard Comment

    HR senior consultant

  • Sandrine Golay

    Sandrine Golay

    HR consultant

  • Sandrine Krstic

    Sandrine Krstic

    Administrative assistant

  • Gérald Troy

    Gérald Troy

    HR senior consultant

  • Françoise-marie Deloche

    Virginie Sampaio

    Administrative assistant

  • Joanna Bessero

    Joanna Bessero

    HR senior consultant

  • Claire Larner Cathelaz

    Claire Larner Cathelaz

    HR senior consultant

  • Franziska Meier

    Franziska Meier

    HR senior consultant

  • Laurent Jullier

    Laurent Jullier

    External partner - pensions specialist

  • Corinne Dettwiler

    Corinne Dettwiler

    External partner - Quality assurance

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