• A situation analysis
  • A structured interview
  • A role-play exercise
  • A business case
  • A 360° Persona and/or AssessFirst personality assessment
  • An assessment report with recommendations

The EXECUTIVE assessment option offers added value through the complexity of its business cases, drawn up by our experts to relate to the context, the values of the business and the role and functions of the member of staff to be assessed.

Our observers are trained to observe a situation at a specific moment in time. They provide a snapshot. Our consultants’ seniority and experience are of the first importance in assessing the skills essential to the position which the member of staff will fill.

Leadership, communication, flexibility, empathy, decision-making ability, entrepreneurial spirit, and capacity to manage change and stress. None of these skills can be learnt in college but they can all be measured, for the sole purpose of giving you as much information as possible before you take your decision. We will give you our recommendations on points to watch and your member of staff’s development potential.

Several role-play exercises and business cases may be offered, depending on the challenges of the job, and can take from one to two days.