“My coach understood from our first session what my “blocking factor” was and accompanied me accordingly during the rest of our sessions. My entire attitude towards my job search changed, and suddenly I got a great job offer only days later! Coincidence? Maybe, but one will never know! Thanks coach!”

Dear Mr. DeDardel,

I am particularly grateful to you for the valuable techniques which helped me a great deal in the interview which finally took place today.

I can honestly say that this was the best interview I have had in my entire career. This was not just about the result. I felt much more confident, and the interviewer also sensed this.

I hope you have an excellent week, and wish you every success in your own career.

Best regards,

Majda Lamkarfed


I have had the pleasure of talking to Zora, a member of your team. She is highly competent, approachable, and helps to restore your confidence. I am sure that she will help me a great deal.

I find that an hour on the telephone is completely satisfactory and it was very easy to arrange, with no need for travel.

Thank you very much for your valuable assistance. I wish you every success in the future.

Stéphanie Abegg

Dear Mister,

I am writing even though the coaching is not yet finished because I wanted to thank you personally and Humanys Solutions as a company for the support you give to the jobbseekers enrolled in your programme. I am finding that the insights and the strategies for interviews, research and preparation of CVs and cover letters you are giving me are very useful and they will significantly increase my chances of finding a new job.

I would strongly recommend this programme to other unemployed jobseekers and I wish Humanys all the best for the future.


Sergey Gugkaev


I met Stéphane in a job coaching programme which he himself set up and led for a group of a dozen people.

Stéphane was immediately able to gain our trust and create a positive group dynamic. He is also a first-class speaker who engaged and motivated us. The content of his classes was rich and varied, alternating between the theoretical bases and practical exercises.

I strongly recommend Stéphane for his qualities as a coach, his in-depth knowledge of personal development and particularly for his exceptional social skills.

Anne de Wolff


I have had the good fortune to meet Edouard Comment as part of a coaching programme run by Humanys.

This time of coronavirus has certainly radically disrupted all our lives (and we will all remember it for a long time to come) but whenever I was able to talk to Edouard (face to face or on the telephone) it was always a pleasure to discuss things with him and learn and benefit from his experience, always conveyed in a relaxed and friendly manner.

He has helped me a great deal, thanks to a relationship which has developed over the course of our meetings on a basis of honesty and trust.

I recommend Edouard for his professionalism, empathy, good humour and because he knows how to listen (an increasingly rare skill in today’s world).

In short, he is a man with many excellent qualities.

Daniel Fontannaz


I have had a telephone meeting with Frédérique Béguin, which I found very useful. I found Ms Béguin’s advice very thought-provoking, and she helped me correct errors in my CV, so that it will be really attractive to employers.

She also gave me a great deal of advice about the cover letter and replied to all my many questions about drawing up an application.

I found the meeting really helpful, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to benefit from this service.
Kind regards,

Maria Cerez

Dear Gerald,

As said over phone, the meeting we had was the most effective consultancy I had since I started my journey as unemployed. With you, I manage to feel confident, cosy. Your style is the only one which I didn’t feel like talking to a poor unemployed guy, but a potential professional looking to maximize his brand in the job market. I thank you immensely for your attitude, for your empathy, and your results in pushing the right positive buttons behind a very strong emotional intelligence influence.

Gerald, what you do is not a job, is not a task, is pure life changer to the people you meet and talk to. Your humble, but decided guidance is more than effective. In all the other “helping measures” led by different other swiss companies, I felt them all running a checklist for an invoice. I did not feel the care for me, for my needs, for my person. With you, I felt humanity, I felt that element so dear to me – understanding the person, going beyond a recruiting person, going beyond the first look and feel. You are the right and very appropriate exponent of the Humanys brand! You are proving that there is hope; that human resources still exist, still have Human in their description, and they are not just a Resource manager.

Very well done Sir, and deeply appreciative to your provided help to me as a professional, as well as a human being.



Mr Chuit has an open and cheerful personality and uses concrete visual examples as well as metaphors. He enabled me to see what was not working in my CV and cover letters. He provided constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. I particularly appreciated his honesty.

Mr Chuit played two roles in one when he checked my file: he gave me advice on my CV and cover letter; and he acted as a motivational counsellor/coach.. I felt as if I was a rough diamond, which needed to be cleaned and polished in order to become a shining jewel, attracting attention. I know that I can add value for my future employer.

THANK YOU, Humanys Solutions because, in spite of the current situation, I felt really valued. I have shared and will continue to share this positive experience.

Fiorella Carina Amelia Carbonero


I lost my job at the age of 50, after a restructuring. I was allocated support from the Humanys Regional Placement Office, and I must say that the company’s name is very well chosen. The people I met there really go the extra mile for you, even during this Covid-19 lockdown period. Lionel Tallent was prepared to go off the beaten track, and even though the support measure ended, he continued to give me valuable advice, without pulling his punches (my CV has been changed beyond recognition).

I strongly recommend this enriching experience.
Best wishes,

Daniel Coddron


Thanks to all the team and particularly to Françoise-Marie who gave me individual coaching and helped to add value to my strategy of contacting identified targets.

Best wishes for the future.

Laurent Delalex

I had the chance to be accompanied by Amrita in the context of Humanys’ coaching program. She has been an exceptional coach, always readily available to give support and share her experience and knowledge.

Amrita has a special capacity to rephrase statements and ideas in a very coherent and eloquent manner, which helped me enormously to get a clearer picture of the direction I want to take in my career. Finally, it was thanks to her advice that I adapted my application strategy and successfully landed my current job.


Good evening Amrita,

I would like to thank you for your support during my training with Humanys. You have shown availability, support and guidance in the decision making process of landing my current job. Your professionalism and experience have reassured me at this stage of my professional career. A big thank you and I would be delighted to be in contact with you again in the near future.

See you soon

Yours sincerely,