After ten years in recruitment for multinational companies and other well-known organisations, Zohra is exercising the skills she loves by increasing her knowledge of both the local market and new HR and sourcing strategies. Her track record includes hundreds of successfully achieved job placements in a very wide range of industries and human contexts. Her values are strongly people-focused and she approaches recruitment as a critical step in the life of both the business concerned and that of “the applicant” .

She ensures that a new placement will be lasting through the empathy, integrity and positive thinking that make her outstanding. Her experience in recruitment together with her range of roles in multinational companies enable her to offer support which is pragmatic, transparent and based on strong HR expertise. Zohra is very interested in the human sciences (she has certificates in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis) and in innovation, and this helps focus her dynamic approach on effectiveness and individual satisfaction.

With her international background and experience of growing up in the Lake Geneva region, Zohra embraces diversity as an asset to be cultivated and promoted, while giving it the space needed for self-expression. Approaching everyone in the light of their personal experience, aspirations and dreams , as well as their technical skills, she is able to provide a people-focused recruitment service and support you can trust.