Stéphane Gigon benefits from real experience in the field. As an established manager of profit centres in the services sector, he has led multidisciplinary teams in Switzerland. He has worked for more than 20 years as a Master Coach, specialising in career change for managers and professionals.

In no way confined to an ivory tower, he works closely with his team. He always does everything in his power to position his staff in the best possible way, so improving everyone’s performance.

An entrepreneur with a focus on people, he leads and supports his team to meet shared goals. His energy and creativity flow naturally into the team.
He is an inspirational leader who never loses sight of his goals and ensures that the necessary resources are available to meet them.

Over 250 managers have benefited from Stéphane’s expert coaching. His pragmatic, results-focused approach has helped the vast majority of them to find a new and lasting challenge in the labour market. He is creative and has developed a new psychometric tool and an innovative concept enabling coachees to optimise their chances of success in a recruitment interview. Stéphane is naturally empathetic and communicates easily with those he coaches, so building lasting relationships of trust.

His communication skills allow him to capture coachees’ attention and boost their motivation. He was a technical director in elite sports for 12 year and this rich experience defined the entrepreneurial dynamism which he naturally transmits to all around him. He works mainly in Switzerland, and has strong economic and professional networks in the French-speaking parts of the country.

Stéphane studied at the universities of Geneva and Lausanne and has qualifications in sales and negotiation, communications and emotional intelligence.

He is passionate about all sports and now enjoys golf and skiing, after many years as an ice-hockey player.