HR Consultante

Sandrine Golay was guided for many years by her passion for Human and her desire to improve the life’s quality of people. Everything began when she started her activity of gymnastics coach. She discovered the pleasure of transmitting her knowledge and providing strategic advice in order to help young athletes develop their potential and achieve their goals.

After a trip to Australia, which brought her amazing wealth and great discoveries in humans, Sandrine completed a Professional Maturity in health and social fields in order to discover more about her passion for the human psyche and the sociology.

Subsequently, Sandrine has the opportunity to bring her commercial and administrative expertise in various fields such as public administration, tourism, the chemical industry, … Two beautiful children later, Sandrine oriented in recruitment, placement and management of IT personnel.

Guided by her empathy, she specializes in Human Resources and becomes HR and Communication Manager for a Lausanne SME. Greedy for new knowledge and development, she decides to expand her professional background by forming in conflict management and training.

Concerned about the well-being of others, Sandrine makes a point of listening to everyone. Through her positive approach and her benevolent character, she is a trustworthy person whom everyone can turn to in order to be heard, supported and advised.