HR Senior Consultant

Robert begins his professional career in the banking industry, collaborating for entities such as Merrill Lynch and Julius Baer where he acquires expertise in customer services. He works on business strategies as well as regulatory processes. His positions were held both in Switzerland and abroad, as the Americas. He takes the responsibility of a team that he coaches and trains. A trigger for his desire to work for people.

It is in recruitment agency that he enters the Human Resources field, creating a whole Bank / Finance and Multinationals database. He learns to analyze profiles, understand professional paths and matches the need of the market with the strength of his candidates. Contact with clients, obtaining mandates and negotiating contracts are important parts of this collaboration.

The discovery of the world of coaching, in a career management institute, is a total revelation. He settles skills assessments, follow and supports people in professional redirection. In close collaboration with his hierarchy, he executes training development projects, content ideas as well as updating teaching materials. He is certified HR and Trainer.

His experience at the Confederation, with the implementation of the LACI, allows him to understand certain methodologies and operations which have strengthened his expertise and his knowledge of the job market.

Passionate about the world of career transition as well as professional reintegration, Robert opens nowadays his expertise, experiences, skills and human relations, in order to find optimized solutions to people in search of their life projects and personal achievements.