I arrived in Geneva in 2006, and began my career working for a small retail company. While there, I obtained my CFC (Swiss Federal Education and Training Diploma). I am flexible and dynamic, and my potential was soon noticed. I was put in charge of the stores. I was responsible for apprentice training, purchasing for the two stores and efficient administration of the two branches. Looking for a career change and interested in human resources, I joined Humanys Solutions as an administrative assistant in 2018. I am involved in welcoming jobseekers, as well as administrative management of Humanys Solutions’ various activities. I am the main point of contact for jobseekers, colleagues in the group, and clients. Discussions with my colleagues are always very interesting, and enable me to develop in this fascinating area.

Because I am interested and want to develop new skills in the HR field, I have started training as an HR management assistant. I am delighted to be able to progress my development in this amazing area of work.