Guillaume Chuit began his professional career in the world of banking. He worked initially in international oil trading and then in wealth management for Swiss and other European clients. He went on to play a part, as project manager and head of asset management, in the creation of a bank for the seventh generation of a banking family.

Following this very intense experience, Guillaume decided to take a complete change of direction to focus more closely on his human values. During his 23 years as a banker, he always demonstrated positive energy and commitment, giving priority to human contact while achieving his targets. Wishing to develop this approach and pass on his experience, Guillaime moved into human resource consultancy and consultancy in 2014.

From 2016 to 2018, he took all 5 modules of the Swiss Federal Diploma in adult learning, enabling him to design and lead training courses. Guillaume joined Humanys Solutions in March 2019 as a Senior HR Consultant. Guillaime is always highly positive and very interested in human relationships. His energy and advice will help you adopt a confident and positive mindset, an essential prerequisite for the job-search process. “I am convinced of the importance of networking as part of the approach, and I look forward to persuading you.”