Françoise-Marie began her career in recruitment in Geneva, in a family firm with a human scale. Initially responsible for administrative management, she very soon became a consultant, after taking training in a range of interview methods. Over more than 20 years, she became highly skilled in listening, analysing and understanding the problems encountered, not only by job seekers but also by clients in their search for the pearl beyond price. She has worked with all types of profile: financial, marketing, sales, administration, manufacturing, human resources, and more.

For Françoise-Marie, everyone has one or more talents. To achieve realistic career objectives, those talents need to be identified and made to shine. As she wanted to focus more on high-quality support for jobseekers, she decided to move into outplacement so that she could supply the tools they need to succeed in their goals. Françoise-Marie joined Humanys as a Senior HR Consultant in June 2019. She adds value through her empathy and supportive approach, combined with a practical, solutions-orientated mindset.