• A specialised network like none other in Switzerland
  • Support from a sports coach
  • Human Resource professionals
  • No time limit

This programme helps the employee to structure his or her transition process methodically and pragmatically, step-by-step, while maintaining a high level of motivation. The relationship of trust that we create with your employee, combined with our innovative methods, forms a support system that enables him or her to rise successfully to a new professional challenge.

A coach experienced in career management takes an individualised approach, for as long as is needed, enabling a full exploration of the various possible career options: setting up a company, continuing with a similar career, or a career change.

The jobseeker benefits from face-to-face interviews in specially designed spaces. He or she will be able to make use of the Interiman Group placement network, with its 65 “agencies” throughout Switzerland, as well as having the the possibility of guidance from a sports coach to help maintain a healthy body-mind balance during this sometimes stressful period. Moreover – as an exclusive feature – he or she gets the chance to prepare a DNA vitae. This tool, designed by our specialists, has been demonstrated to significantly increase a job-applicant’s chances of success.

The varied, well-balanced programme offers both seminars and individual interviews Jobseekers also have the opportunity to talk with all the Humanys consultants relevant to their field.