In regular anonymous surveys, while 94.8% of our clients say they are extremely satisfied with the quality of our coaching, it is probably not a coincidence!

Business Coaching

Developing the skills of its employees remains an essential topic in the race for competitiveness. Both for employee valuation and for performance to the benefit of the company. Humanys positions itself solely on business coaching thanks to certified coaches with a wealth of field expertise from all socio-professional backgrounds.

Today, the economic world very often forces us to act and react. The time for reflection is often a luxury. This is why coaching with Humanys is combined with counselling. This saves time and efficiency. Beyond the experience of our coaches to promote, we rely on 360° psychometric tools. The highlighting of attitudes and behaviours, will allow to understand the interpretations and consequences at the operational level.

80% of business problems are relational/ communicational

The main themes on which we work are:

Conflict Management
Team Management
HR Strategy
Culture change
Performance in sales
Of course, each situation is different, and we tailor it.

Business Coaching